Foaled 2/11/81 Died 5/16/13
15.2 Appendix Quarterhorse

A rare shot of Victor, who hides behind Sunny and Shine when the camera shows up! Thanks DeeAnn Bradley for this cute pic Victor’s prior owners had been gouged for huge vet bills for cortisone injections, but my observation is simply that they had the worst farrier in the world – the angles on his front feet were so dramatically different as to be ridiculous. Poor Victor was trying to move in one tennie shoe, and one high heel! I pointed this out, but the prior owners had already made their decision, and so Victor came to TGC. They have never provided any sponsorship support for Victor. Victor first hooked up with Malika and the two were inseparable. After a proper shoeing, Victor goes well, although is ‘popped’ knees make him stiff. He carried a few small riders around for his first years here, but at his age, is fully retired now. Victor lost his lady, Malika.  He sought comfort with PC and Sunny, and then joined with Shine to be Sunny’s caretakers after PC’s death.   

This is the sweet Victor in 12/09, pic taken by DeeAnn Bradley. For an old guy, he still looks good! This is Sunny and Victor in December 2008.  With Shine, they form one of TGCs ‘sub-herds’.    Victor passed away on May 16, 2013.  He will be sorely missed.

Goodbye to Victor


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