JC Name "Hotterthanapistol"

Chestnut OTTB gelding, Foaled May 26, 1996

Arrived TGC 4/2014

Passed away 9/10/17




Pistol came to our attention when Courtney, at Under the Angels Wings Rescue, a rescue I've worked with many times, called to tell me he was languishing in the Kern County Animal Shelter. With her help organizing transport, Pistol came to TGC on 3-14-14. 

Seriously underweight, with a bad case of cellulitis in his right hind, I was immediately worried for him.  After an exam by our vet, it was worse - seems he has a gut full of sand.  My vet believes this is caused when a horse is underfed alfalfa hay on the dirt - they eat a LOT of dirt trying to get up every little bit of that leafy part, and not getting enough fiber, there's nothing to sweep it out.  Horses DO eat dirt as a regular deal, but usually they are getting enough feed to move it out almost as fast as they take it in.  When they don't, it collects at the lowest part of their intestinal tract, becomes covered over by a layer of organic material, and what they eat thereafter simply passes over it. It sits there, affecting the ability of that intestinal section to do it's job, and if left long enough, will cause necrosis - yeah, it can kill.  So the problem here is we need to start breaking that up, so he can pass it, and that's not all that easy to do.  We're working on it, and he'll be out with the horse herd soon which will also help (activity), but let's keep a good thought for this poor guy..... He has a LOT to deal with.


So far, he is just as "hot" as his name implies, getting very excited each morning when he thinks he's being left alone in the round pen.  But he stands like a jewel for shots, and wrapping of his leg.  And oddly, to my eye at least, he's more lame on his right FOREleg than he is on the swollen hind.  We have an appointment scheduled for 3-24-14 for Dawn Fletcher, equine chiropractor, to see if she can work some magic for him.


Pistol has two part-sponsors, Lynette Baird and Suzanne Butler! Thanks Lynette and Suzanne!   Anyone willing to step up to help these ladies and TGC help this deserving boy?  Even a $10/month committment can make you a sponsor, and help us with his expenses.  You can see feed alone will be an issue for probably a good 6 months, until we can build him back up.  Let us know if you want to sponsor....