JC Name "Lionizer", Tat F18362

OTTB, dark bay gelding

Foaled 4/3/02

Passed away 1/19/18

Goodbye to Leo and Crescent Moon Jet


Our Little Leo is an OTTB known as Lionizer.  At age 6, Leo had a catastrophic injury on the track, involving both of his knees, and was "given" by his trainer to a private party. They tried to ride him ("maybe 4 times") but he was "too hot" and has,in the past 6 years since, been standing in his stall with occasional turnouts into an arena.

 In his career, he raced 8 times. He won once, got a second once, and total earnings were $14,650.  raced in all the So Cal tracks. He has some big names for grandparents (Mr. Prospector) and great-grandparents (Secretariat and Raise a Native on his daddy's side, and Seattle Slew on his mom's side).

His knees are a mess. My first order of business was to have the vet see him.  His teeth were ALSO a mess, and took a lot of work, not all of which could be corrected in one go.  I do think he's chewing better now though.  His knees however are bad. I've been working with previcox (anti-inflam), and electrical pulse therapy to help them.  But the most help came from our friend, supporter and board member, Laurie, who was able to adjust several neck problems, and his hip, with remarkable results!  He'll never be rideable, I think, but is SO much more comfortable.  Laurie intends to see him in a few weeks, as after such longstanding neglect, she feels the adjustments might not hold at first.  


Leo is a real pocket pony, anxious for pets and treats. He's very smart, and trying hard to make friends in the herd (has a penchant for mares tho, and they're not sure about him...)


I'm so grateful to After the Finish Line for providing a grant for Leo's first expenses.  In addition THRILLED that Jane C - who had sponsored Cassidy and also sponsors Star - has transferred Cass's part-sponsorship to him! Can you join them to help Leo?

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