Palomino QH mare

Foaled Approx. 1993

Arrived at TGC 11/30/14


Summer was a seizure case by the Animal Control office in Kern County (Bakersfield) California.  She was at the shelter for 60 days, but due to her eye injury, wasn't getting any interest.


TGC was asked to help place her.  WIth her age and injury, she fits our mission so we offered her a home.  THEN we were told she was strongly bonded to another mare, and we agreed to take both!  


Summer was seized from a starvation situation, with a stallion.  First vet check shows she's missing two upper molars, one on each side, has a slight heart murmur, and definitely has a slab of sand in her gut.  The doctor does not think she is pregnant.  We got the teeth floated; will be watching to see if new freedom to move helps to break up that sand slab (hopefully she won't colic from a large piece trying to pass), and otherwise, just allow her time and groceries to gain weight and over all health.


She's a very sweet mare normally, already answers to her name (or the voice of the food lady!), and is very cooperative until she figures out you are a vet! (she had to be sedated just to examine her mouth!)  Lots of palomino mares have attitude - it comes from being the golden beauties from birth .... but she's quiet and kind. She is still adjusting to being blind on her right side, but hopefully with the help of her friend Naomi, she'll be ok.  She needed a special fly mask, as her one remaining sighted eye is hyper sensitive to light.  Ugh. But she's doing well between that new mask, and her friend Naomi!


Summer needs more sponsors.  She has two part sponsors, but she needs more support - could that be you?