Palomino mare

approximately 22 year old Argentine TB PoloPony

Arrived TGC 4/18/15; Died 7/9/15

Goodbye to Saki

This pretty mare came in terribly banged up and thin as you can see from these photos. She had also a long cut on her hip, two bad bite marks, and scrapes on the back of her knee too.

Her dirtbag ex-owner cut every possible corner on any horse he held in disregard (witness his abandonment of Medina, for whom he has never donated a penny, who he abandoned once he injured her, and who would not even release her medical records to TGC!)  So poor little Saki was in a pen with multiple horses, fighting for enough to eat and taking a beating, and failing, stabled with a facility that is notorious in polo circles as being absolutely cut rate and below normal standards in equine care.  


Saki is a sweet mare - not alpha at all - but with great self-possession. Even covered with cuts and bruises, with too long toes in too tight shoes, having trailered from Malibu to Santa Clarita, layed over a night and then trailered to Anza, running with an old bowed tendon and a bone chip in the same knee, she easily held her own with the excited geldings here at TGC.  A tough war pony for sure!


It may be too soon to say, but after receiving approval from our lead mare Star, it seems that Saki has chosen the fabulous Pepe to follow, much to Keller's dismay! Diamond is also there as a backup, to Lester's dismay.  When the pretty ladies arrive, 'bros before hos' becomes history!  We'll see how this plays out.


Dear little Saki, of course, has no sponsorship. Polo Pony Rescue was willing to transport her for us, and even made a one time donation to help with her initial expenses, and we truly appreciate that. But this mare, with some luck, will be here for a while - she needs someone in her corner - could that be you?