Bay OTTB mare

Foaled - approximately 1990

Arrived TGC 5-3-2015

Passed Away 2-1-2020


Princesa is an elderly thoroughbred bay mare. She has a tattoo which is completely illegible, so we know she raced.  She has NO incisors - making aging her via her teeth impossible.  She may have had a baby. She has been a polo pony in her past as well, and a child's lesson horse, and she came her from a riding stable in the hills of LA.  There is hardly a rotten job a horse can have that she hasn't endured.  Not much of a surprise that after all the people who made money from her, she's coming to TGC without any support at all.   We all know how I feel about people who make money off horses.


Her left foreleg has been pinfired.  Her spine is a pretzel and she has atrophy of one hip, and one shoulder (opposite sides) (hopefully Laurie can help her a bit with that). 


The above pic was on her first day here; below, after Laurie was able to work on her a while. She needs more, but Laurie felt that was all we should do today.

Despite these problems, she is unbearably sweet, cuddly as a puppy, and trying hard to find someone to be her friend.  Most mares become "accepted" by going directly into season - either Star (our lead mare) gives her approval of a viable mare; or a gelding will attach himself to her.  So far, that has not happened.  So she has decided that the donkeys are her friends. Sancho is interested; Diablo irritated!  But isn't that sweet?

Update 7/2017:

Princesa has found many friends here, all girls. She was very attached to Jules, who recently passed, and for a short period she followed Daisy around. But a new resident, Kamikaze ("Kaz") has become her new bestie, and these girls are seldom apart.  

Princesa has two sponsors, Margaret S. and Niki S., but could use a little more help. With her toothlessness (and overall size), her pelleted feed needs are high, and she does have days when a little painmeds helps. If you can add a few dollars a month to her sponsorship, it would be great!  Thanks Margaret and Niki for taking care of this tenderhearted gentle mare ...