30-Something Bay Possibly QH or QH-Arab gelding

Arrived July 5, 2015


Trace was in trouble. One of three horses, but the one doing the worst, he'd been brought to a boarding facility by a family, whose board check bounced, who could not be reached.  Trace was being fed, the stable owner was responsible, but he has trouble eating hay, as his teeth are in bad shape, including many missing.

A woman who boarded there saw his dilemma and gave him some pellets, including telling the granddaughter of the owner about his needs, but it was clear since they didn't pay the board that they weren't going to get him food that he needed.  The woman got their relinquishment of ownership and Trace was on his way here.


He's a sweet guy, well trained, determined to eat everything that comes his way. I think he may become quite a chunky monkey, as only a week here has put visible weight on him.   He's not too interested in the herd just yet, and that may be due to chronic uveitis which has dimmed his vision.   He had some rainrot, which we were able to quickly treat while he was sedated for his dental work (he's a 'fighter' needing LOTS of sedation to get just a comfort float).  And yes, he had a bean. All signs of neglect....


Will YOU step up as a sponsor for this boy? Danielle K has set up a part sponsorship for him, but he needs more.  Any COMMITTED amount can make you a part sponsor of this sweet old man - I'm not sure how much time he'll have but he is a fighter. Can we make his effort worthwhile?  And thank you, Danielle!