30-something possibly QH or QH/Arab or Appendix QH (anyone's guess!)

Arrived TGC 11/8/15

Died 12/19/16

Goodbye to Lucy


Lucy's previous owners contacted our fellow rescue, Under the Angel's Wings, saying they had had her for 6 months and "could no longer care for her".  They provided two pictures, in which she didn't look TOO bad.  A couple of weeks passed as the logistics of getting her out of there wound along, and on the 7th of November, Courtney got Lucy to her rescue in Phelan for an overnight. And these pictures tell a much different story.  On the 8th, Courtney brought her here.


Dr. Zadick has seen her and feels she is 250 pounds underweight; has a slight heart murmur; a little sand in her guts; melanoma on her left jawline, white line disease in her front hooves, slightly diminished sight in her right eye; and one long-ish tooth that doesn't affect her grinding too much right now, so he wants to wait until she gains at least 100 pounds before sedation and dental work. He agrees with "30" as an age.... and sedation is difficult enough with older horses!

Meantime, she eats like the proverbial horse - is drinking, peeing and pooping great, and slowly socializing....  She calls every morning for someone.  Breaks my heart to think she's been separated from a friend at this vulnerable stage of her life.  But hopefully she'll make new friends here .... Pepe is  beginning to approach her; Diamond and Montego have both made overtures ... but for a while, she just needs to heal.  

Lucy has one part sponsor (thanks Deb!) and recently acquired another, Tracey (thank you!), but needs more financial help.  Can you see your way clear to help Deb, Tracey and I help Lucy?  Check out our sponsorship page if you might consider even a small monthly amount to sponsor her....