Black Tennessee Walker Mare, 15.3 hh
Foaled 4/1989
Passed away 6/30/2020
Little Ashley has joined us on September 17, 2013!  This little mare is a purebred Tennessee Walker whose whole existence has been as a broodmare.  Her last foal was born in 2003.  I don't know what she's been doing since then, but at some point her owners contacted Christine at Equine WellBeing Rescue.  She took Ashley, and fostered her here in Southern California with Sharon Contreras until a space opened up here.
Ashley is VERY nice to the boys, but in an interesting twist, she LOVES white/gray geldings!  And I am pleased, so very pleased, to report that she has taken up with our Smokey! 
She is very down in her hind pasterns, and had some fairly serious back issues which our chiro has addressed.  I didn't like the way her front feet looked either, with strong flaring to the outside, and very up and down inside walls, but the farrier felt that since her joints weren't showing problems, this may be the way her feet grow.  I'll be watching it to see if any of the chiropractic work changes the way she goes, and our farrier has agreed he wants to "pick at" those outside flares to keep her from collapsing inward more. 
I also feel she was a little thin, for my taste, as her topline showed a prominent spine and slightly pointy hips.  But her coat was shiny and her eye bright, and I'll do my best to add some pounds to her for winter.
Ashley HAS A SPONSOR!  So happy to report that Toni Thompson (full) and Karen Cairns (part) have stepped up for our girl.  Between these ladies, our Ashley is COVERED!  Thank you, Toni and Karen, for helping our little lady have a few safe golden years!