Bucks a Smoken

Thoroughbred Mare, Dark Bay
Foaled 2001

Passed away 5/31/2017



This lovely young mare has had a couple of years of hell.  She comes to TGC through our sister rescue, NeighSavers, as unadoptable due to a brief bout with acute laminitis (potential adopters don't want to risk it).  Neigh Savers wrote:

"Bucks A Smoken" or Basky is a 2001 (12 year old) unraced mare that was part of an estate sale. Although bred to a stakes winning stallion, she was neglected and dumped at Euclid Auction in Chino. She and three other broodmares were all that were left of a Thoroughbred breeding farm's living stock, and those entrusted to the estate felt no need to tend to their rapidly deteriorating feet, instead leaving the animals to suffer the agonizing pain of standing on the auction lot's concrete floors for much of the week. While the rest of the estate (numerous trucks, trailers, etc) were sold off for thousands upon thousands of dollars just a few hundred feet away, two of the four mares -- having stood on the hard concrete for 4 days -- increasingly lost the strength to stand, their legs repeatedly buckling and trembling...for hours upon hours, enduring visibly unbearable pain. In the end, it was discovered that only Naga was pregnant and 'Basky' was just severely overweight. Basky was purchased for $150 during the sale, and already appearing to founder.  Basky is now at a nearby foster facility just minutes from Kimberlee Farms and under the sponsorship of Robin Beagle. Basky is already walking much better and has a sunnier outlook than at first diagnosed. Update - January 2013 There are no words to describe the incredible comeback Bucks a Smoken (Basky) has made. She runs without discomfort with her best pal and stable- mate Maggie (Magical Nature) and her feet look great. It just took a long time and a good farrier to fix her feet. It didn't take any longer to fix her heart and for her to regain her trust with humans. She is a very happy gal these days. Sara has lost a lot of weight and that helped her as well. This girl is ready to go to someone that will give her the lifetime of love she deserves.

Now, despite her great recovery, potential adopters backed away when informed of her brief bout with laminitis, for fear it might recur.  So Basky lingered. Neigh Savers asked TGC to take her, and while waiting for a stall, she was found to have sand in her belly, and had a colic. When treated in the usual way with mineral oil, she apparently had what as described to us as an "allergic reaction" to the mineral oil, resulting in loss of hair on her hind legs. Perhaps as a result of these problems, Basky came to TGC very skinny, with sad eyes and a distant manner.

Basky will need some extra groceries, some GI support (in case she was allergic to the mineral oil, and to help clear the sand); and lots of love to restore her confidence and spirit.  I will also find out if she has any training, and perhaps can be started under saddle once she's feeling better, as she does seem sound and is relatively young.

Update 5/19/14:   Basky is going for some under-saddle training on June 1, 2014. 


I am happy to report that Basky has a 1/2 sponsor, Irene Jansen - and now Anne and Jon L have joined Irene to help this lovely mare!  Thank you all for stepping up.