Paint Pony Gelding
Foaled somewhere between 1983 and 1990
Passed away October 2014
Shelby was posted online, and fellow rescuer Cathy Atkinson asked me to consider taking him in.  Here is the picture she provided me - wow, how could we turn away?
Now, I was surprised when Shelby arrived.  He is TEENY.  Just a pony, with a baby face.  And of course very very thin, with super long toes that had already been trimmed once (arggh).
This is what Dani was able to accomplish in our first effort:
Farrier was able to make a quick difference in his feet, and advised he might be sorefooted for a while (which he is a little).  She wants to come do him again in 5-6 weeks, as there is more remedial work to do.
Dr. Zadick came, and was aghast at what he found in Shelby's mouth.  Like our dear departed Buddy, he had one upper tooth so long that it impinged on the lower jaw, preventing him from closing his mouth. He was also missing quite a few teeth.  Based on his findings, he indicates Shelby could be as old as 30, and certainly no younger than 23. So even when Shelby had access to food, he could not grind it, or even keep it in his mouth which would not close.  His jaw muscles are completely atrophied, it has been so long that he's been able to grind his food.    Although he wasn't happy when done, Dr. Zadick worked long and hard on Shelby's mouth.  Again, he told me to expect that Shelby's teeth would be tender as he had to go down almost to the pulp on a couple, so the boy got some painkillers for a few days.  Now, though, he is clearly eating better, and more, and I have hopes we'll see some real improvement here.
Shelby is currently housed next to Corazon, and adores her.  He's not willing to follow her into the herd but hovers nearby and calls when she goes out of his sight.  He's showing much more spriteliness and getting around a lot better.  I have hopes - ponies tend to be pretty hardy and I think he's had very good treatment in his past, as he holds no grudge, and has no fear of anyone I've brought around. 
Many thanks to the many people who stepped up to help with getting Shelby here, and covering these initial expenses. 
l'm also glad to report that our newest addition, Pistol, has attached himself to Shelby as friend and bodyguard. Although Shelby continues to love Corazon, he's not left alone any longer, when she wanders off with Pepe and his crew.
But Shelby needs a sponsor - anyone?  Due to his lost teeth, Shelby will always need a LOT of pelleted feed, as he can't really graze the grass hay.  He also will need a steady administration of psyllium and chia, as he can't take in the long fiber necessary to keep things moving through his guts. He is moving around more since his feet were fixed and he's in the herd, but will probably always be a special needs guy...

Goodbye to Shelby

I'm glad to say that Katja Tootle-Pizka, our volunteer and supporter, has stepped up with a part sponsorship for Shelby, as well as Suzanne Butler!
Thank you BOTH for helping our little guy!