20+ mustang Mare

Arrived TGC 6/13/224


THis is what I was told about this poor mare:

Paige is bay a Mustang mare, approx 19 years old. I have been taking care of her for 9 years (2015). She has a fearful and submissive personality, and has been stabled with Maddie since she arrived at my ranch. She and Maddie get along beautifully and are deeply bonded. She is not quick to trust humans, but once she gains trust, she is very easy to handle.

She has had yearly dental work and regular (8-week cycle) hoof trims. Most recent dental was November 2023. Most recent hoof trim was 5/13/24. I do not routinely vaccinate horses, so she has not been vaccinated while in my care. She is not needle-averse.

For most of her time in my care she has been at a perfect weight and condition. About a year ago she started slowly losing weight. In progressed into motor instability where she started losing hind end control. She was diagnosed with idiopathic neurological disorder, but no tests were done. I increased her hay pellet supplements and added weight gain foods, such as alfalfa pellets, rice bran, stabilized flaxseed, and eventually added Triple Crown Senior to her diet. I put her on Vitamin E, Magnesium Citrate, and Arizona Copper Complete. Nothing helped her gain weight and she continued to lose weight, to the point of near emaciation. Wormed with Ivermectin paste about 6 months ago.

About 6 months ago I started her on the Chinese herbal formula for Neurological disorder from For Love Of The Horse ( It has been working for Paige extremely well. She has put on some of the weight she had lost, and her balance/coordination has greatly improved. She used to spin around her front legs in an attempt to keep her balance. She doesn’t do that nearly to the degree that she once did. One of the symptoms of her condition is lack of hind end stability and coordination. The herbs have helped significantly. During the early onset of her conditions, she also had 2 acupuncture treatments, which also helped. The herbal treatment, however, have been the greatest source for her improvement. Her neurological condition has improved 75% on the FLOTH Chinese herbal formula.

She moves well in a straight line. During her most recent trim, the trimmer was able, for the first time in months, to lift her rear feet for trimming. Because of her imbalance and coordination issues, she has worn her rear hooves unevenly. The trimmer balanced them medial/lateral, which noticeably helped her stance.

I am sending the remaining herbs with Paige. Dosage is 6 scoops (scoop included) mixed with water (mixing container included) 2 x day. Mix 6 scoops with water 2 x day and pour on soaked pellets or whatever supplements she is fed.