Our Mission Statement:

The Golden Carrot is a 501c3 public benefit charity, dedicated to the rescue and retirement of older and disabled horses.  The Golden Carrot is a forever home for such horses, as their age and disability makes them almost impossible to place in knowledgeable and responsible homes.  TGC also works with other rescues to help place other "unwanted" horses in new homes, so if your horse is still healthy and capable, send photos and history to TGC and we will help you find them a home.


TGC offers educational opportunities to Girl and Boy Scouts and any kids wishing to complete community service requirements for school, as well as anyone interested in learning to care for and ride horses. If you don't have enough money, you can perform chores for riding lessons.  TGC encourages responsible horse ownership and discourages backyard breeding.  TGC is strongly anti-slaughter, and anti-wild horse roundups.


The Golden Carrot has been in business formally since 1998; but operated informally for about 7 years before that.  Located in Anza, California, in the hills above Palm Springs, the ranch is home to 22 horses and two donkeys.

About Casey:

Wanna learn a little bit about the woman who started it all?  Click HERE to read about Casey and her experience with horses and the rescue.