15.3 Chestnut OTTB mare
Per Jockey Club: "Cousin Wanda"
Foaled approximately 1989 (based on dental exam)

Arrived TGC 2/13 ;

Goodbye Sweet Corazon who Passed away 4/14/15


Corazon is an off track thoroughbred mare. We hope to be able to decipher her Tattoo, and get precise identification.  Meantime, we know that after racing, she became a polo pony, and a lesson horse for kids. She's been there, and done that.

Her ex-owner provided this information, after she saved her from "The Mountain Men" situation where she was in great distress.

She is a TB off the track, and played polo all her life after that.  She has had 2 owners.  She has no vices and is easy to handle.  She is approx. 20 yrs old, but the lip tatoo will be more exact.  She was an amazing polo horse, very willing and pure heart, hence Corazon.  When she retired from polo,  she became a school horse for young kids.  She was very safe and gentle, and very easy to get along with the rest of the herd.  She is usually the bottom of pecking order.  She has a heart brand on her left shoulder.  After kids lesson horse, she was beginning to be trippy and she was retired permanently, donated to the Mountain Men, who had a few other horses (which thrived on the mountain).  She didn't thrive because the herd pushed her away from the feed and vet thinks she was probably foraging wild grasses and eating acorns and oak leaves (which caused the diarrhea, which is now gone since being on a normal diet).

This is Corazon after 3 weeks with her former owner, after rescue, on her second day here at TGC (2/2/13). Still so thin, but what heart

Since she came off the mountain 3 weeks ago, she received the following: 

  1. Panacur PowerPac for worming
  2. SandClear
  3. Feet trimmed, but hadn't been done before that in 2-3 years. 
  4. Teeth floated
  5. Blood panel, which came back normal

She always had some windpuffs, in the rear legs.  I noticed this hard lump on the left leg too and it is definitely new to me (happened since she was on the mountain, sometime in the last 2 1/2 years).  She has had no vaccines in the last 3 years, but has been isolated from other horses, other than the small herd she was with on the mountain. 

As this shows, and I think the pictures as well, poor Corazon has had 2-3 extremely bad years.  Lets see what we can do to improve her lot!

In her second week here, Corazon has already 'earned' our help - our youngster Gio was badly injured, and Corazon has been in his hospital pen with him, providing him with company to prevent distress.  They get along well enough and I think it's ok for her to have a little more time without too much to handle.

Corazon meets Gideon.  She has a beautiful soul.

Three months later:

Dear Corazon, so kind and gentle, needs a sponsor of her own.  Can you help?

YAY!  Our Video on Yahoo has generated some sponsors, and Corazon now has her own, who prefers to remain anonymous - but she knows how much we appreciate her help! But a full sponsorship only covers feed, if you would like to help Corazon with her other expenses (farrier, vet, supplements etc) let me know!