In Loving Memory of Bobby Sox

42 years old
13.3 hand Welsh Cob mix
Dark Brown, with four white feet (socks) and a white blaze
Passed away July 2001

Bobby Sox was the horse which first inspired Casey to start The Golden Carrot.  After a long history, he became Casey’s ride, but needed more attention as he aged.  In July of 2001, Bobby Sox died at age 42.   The best horse  ever foaled. Responds to English and Western commands (neck and direct  reins); trail rides perfectly, sound and bomb proof. Great caretaker  of the young – whether young horses or young riders – but if you’re  an adult, you’d better do your job or off you go! I rode Bobby Sox for  10 years bareback with only a halter and looped lead rope for reins  – and he only threw me twice! He spent some time as a riding horse at  one of the Griffith Park, Los Angeles riding stables, then owned by  a series of young women at the Playa del Rey Stables near the Ballona  wetlands . There is a lot I could say about my Bobby. I was privileged to have him for over 25 years.  He taught me so much, was my first horse, my first love.  As time goes by, I will try to find other pictures of him (all regular photos I will need to find a way to scan) and tell you something of his life.  But suffice it to say that the Golden Carrot is his legacy - he showed me every day how much the older horse has to offer, and I rescue because I loved him.  I'm grateful I was able to make his life good, after his years of service, and cringe at the idea of him loading onto a slaughter truck.  So, I do my best to save others in his name.

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