Foaled 3/29/87
Deceased 12/13/12
15.3 hands Bay Polish Bred Arabian gelding

Bruhad was 2 when I got him and Bobby Sox taught him all he needed to know as a horse; John Garvey taught him to be a rideable horse. Bru is still green and as usual for an Arabian, a little reactive. The more help I get with the Golden Carrot, the more time I can devote to putting miles on him, and then he can be a good children’s horse too. In past years, Bruhad has developed ringbone. A little work each week helps him a lot to be more comfortable. Bruhad and Sara  and Joyful are friends and stablemates!   


 Bruhad is an easygoing horse now over 20 years old, but I would nominate him as herd leader – as no one questions his actions or tries to thwart his desires. He’s taken a leadership role in the herd, and when anything confuses the herd, I can only get them moving by getting either him, Sara or Mitey Nice to cooperate with me.


I am so happy to announce that The Tierra Del Norte Arabian Horse Association, in partnership with Debra Duncan and Ronn Montoya, have sponsored Bruhad from September 2007 to September 2008. Thank you TDNAHA and Deb and Ronn for your kind support of my fat boy!

UPDATE: That sponsorship actually lasted for two more years! 


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