15.2 hh Appaloosa-cross Mare
Foaled approximately 1991
Deceased February 2012

Here is Comet, a 20 something mare who came to The Golden Carrot with her mother, Allie.  It appears to me that Comet is lame, and when Dr. Zadick comes on Monday (April 25, 2010) maybe he can help me identify the problem more specifically.  But look at these pictures of her feet, the day she came in, before and after a trim!

This picture wasn't taken after Juan was done, I'll get better pics soon. But you can see how much shorter they are! It also looks to me like Comet has been fairly sick, including fever, in the past, or foundered, causing those ridges...
Comet is very popular with the geldings in TGC's herd, and is a more aggressive personality than her mom, but nice to work with.


 Here is Comet guarded by Sarge. You can see she is much heavier than her mom, Allie, and I have prepared stalls for each girl at night, so Allie can have enough to eat!

GOODBYE to Comet

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