Foaled Approx. 1987
16 hh “Fleabitten” Gray TB Gelding
Died September 27, 2013 

Dion in August of 2010 – another great pic by DeeAnnBradley 

This is Dion on October 22, 2007, when he came to TGC . The woman who sent him here had owned him only 4 months. She provided the picture below when asking me to take him.

He’s thin but clearly was not being fed properly. He also has bad arthritis in his left fetlock; and it looks like his left hip joint may be misaligned, and he has lost two upper incisors on the left side of his mouth. Like Happy, perhaps, an old injury, never properly addressed.

He is an ex-race horse; but due to his age, the tattoo so far has not been decipherable. I’m going to photograph it and see if I can use photoshop or something to clarify the numbers. A gentle soul, so happy to get enough to eat. It will be interesting to see what he is when properly fed up, and with some treatment for his arthritis and hip displacement. In addition, he’s tenderfooted as he is terribly overtrimmed.  December 2008Turns out, with proper feed, Dion is a powerhouse and very restive and destructive in his stall. His arthritis is much better tho, thanks to NaturVet’s donation of Arthrisoothe and MSM, so I intend to start channeling that energy. The worst part of that will be separating him from “his” mares, Anna and Peanut (who will no doubt be glad to have some time off from his hovering!)

Since this looks like the place where I picked Dion up, I assume this picture was taken in possibly June of 2007. It was a bad summer for Dion, for sure. I’m not impressed at what he’s eating in this picture either – if this is as good as it got, it’s no wonder he lost so much weight. 


Let me out!

He's a sweet guy - here he's "making nice" with Anna! 

These two photos are Dion in December 2008 after the big snow. He's a handsome guy!

Goodbye to Dion
Thank you, Robin West, for your kindness to this older TB.

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