Foaled 1982 (approx.)
15.2 Hand MorganBlack Bay w/white star
Deceased March 17, 2012

After two months of pleading from Kit Krassell, I gave in and agreed to take Falcon, a 20 year old Morgan. Kit won me over by preparing a written agreement, specifying exactly what she could and would pay for to help support Falcon. In particular, she promised $75 per month, and farrier expenses up to $50 for a shoeing if necessary, otherwise, trims at $25 every two months, and veterinary expense including euthanasia. Falcon came to me in November of 2002 with a donation which paid for his transport, and three months support. 

Thereafter, Kit sent a check for $50 March through July, and then told me that I don’t deserve that she should live up to her written agreement (although she didn’t say WHY I don’t deserve it), and has paid nothing for his care. Falcon comes to me with ringbone and a ‘locking’ stifle. Kit thought he’d be too feisty to use as a lesson horse, but that also wasn’t true. He’s the perfect size for a lesson horse – not too big, but powerfully built. He helped a young English girl named Felicity get over a traumatic fall which resulted in her not riding for over a year. Watching his kind responsiveness to her tentative efforts to speed him up; his immediate stop when asked; and the huge grin on her face the first time they cantered and stopped successfully – well, enough said.

Falcon deserves to be a Golden Carrot horse, and I am glad he is here, despite the wretched behavior of his prior owner. When Orion’s friend Andy died, he turned to Falcon for companionship, and Falcon took care of Ori the way Ori used to take care of Andy, for Orion’s time of mourning. When Orion passed, Falcon waited a few months, and became Hava’s new boyfriend, while still remaining Buck’s friend as well. Is this not a wonderful tempered horse?       

Julia learns turns with Falcon's Patient help! He's the BEST beginning lesson horse.


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