Foaled in 1973 (approx.)
Deceased November 15, 2012
15.2 hand Buckskin Quarterhorse Mare 

Sunny in Aug of 2010 - you can see she's finally starting to retain her haircoat even in the summer heat. Our old gal is starting to show her age Sunny  is a super, ex-posse mare, very forward and willing to carry anyone. She’s been a great help  with the beginning riders.  I love her best, though, for something that has nothing to do with the kids. Bobby Sox had finally found a mare he loved.  Until his last few years when Inch became ‘his woman’, he was devoted to Sunny – guarding her while she ate, and escorting her to her stall at night. Since Bobby died, PC has been Sunny’s best friend.  She doesn’t have any physical problems other  than her age – and so far that hasn’t been a problem.     Something about Sunny always seemed prehistoric to me and this photo I think catches it.  Despite her great training and years of work with people, she looks like she just stepped out of a wild herd ….In the photograph above, taken in February of 2009, Sunny begs a carrot from Bridget, one of our Girl Scouts!  Sunny and PC became The Comforters – when Prophet lost Ladyhawke, when Victor lost Malika, when Lucifer lost Belle, Sunny and PC were who they ran to for comfort and protection. And these two sweeties just put the grieving horse between them and were … there… for them.  Both PC and Sunny are elderly – I worry about who will comfort them when one or the other passes.   In April we lost PC – and Sunny was distraught.  For several weeks she insisted on standing alone, wandering around as though looking for someone.  But she has joined forces with Victor, who lost Malika, to comfort one another, and Shine has joined their mini-herd.  Life goes on.  

This is Sunny in January of 2008 – we’d just had a huge rainstorm and clearly Sunny was ready to get out of her stall!            

I like the photo above for the facial marking – doesn’t it look like someone drew a line down the middle of her face? One nostril all black, one with some white on it?   She’s a cutie in her winter wool…. These two gorgeous ‘mugshots’ of Sunny were taken by DeeAnn Bradley, a longtime supporter and professional photographer, on 12/27/09.  Now, if only DeeAnn could take a pic of me that made ME look this good! “-)  

Goodbye to Sunny

Sunny is sponsored by Kathryn McDonald. Sunny and The Golden Carrot thank Kathryn for her continued support.  Thanks Kathryn!

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