In Loving Memory of Teke

?? years old  Elderly Mare  Possibly quarterhorse

Teke was a rescue who was given to me by a resident of the Desert who felt that she was unsafe for kids to ride ….duh.  This poor mare had a completely fused knee, which prompted to her travel BACKWARDS whenever possible, dragging that leg behind her.  Given that the woman had tried to make Teke carry her kids around, and then insisted on trailering her up the hill to Anza, I think this poor skinny horse was happier here but her time was short.  She became the beloved of Domino, who went crazy when I finally had to put her down.  We don’t know how she was injured, but I was able to feed her in a safe place, so she gained a little weight, and give her pain medication for her few months at TGC. 

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