Foaled in approximately 1987
15.3 hh Black mare
Possibly Paint or Appaloosa breeding

Daisy was rescued from her former home by Animal Services in Riverside. They found one dead horse, and a bunch of pigs who had been starved to death on the property, as well as Daisy and 4 other horses, much younger. AS took the picture above of Daisy a month after they rescued her, December 29, 2009.

A little lean, toes a little long, and a little detached, but…  Below is Daisy right after she arrived here, a month later:

And here is Daisy in the next few days.  A very lovely elegant girl, with very good ground manners, and a strong personality – she is already lead mare in the mini-herd of her, Anaba and Oso.

The picture above shows Daisy waiting for feed, and shows that 1/2 blue eye of hers.  Interesting for me to get two mares in one month who have the same eye anomaly. Below, Daisy canoodles with volunteer Danielle…

Daisy and Anaba know that Ingrid has carrots, and are about to take down that fence to get them!
She has shown a huge increase in energy and I’m going to be working with her in the next few weeks, weather permitting, to determine how she goes under saddle. We hope Daisy might be a good lesson horse, as she is sound.  She seems, so far, to be willing to do whatever is asked, and she is sweet to handle.

Daisy fell in love with Remy, in June of 2010. And he with her!  Here they are, hanging in the herd, in December of 2010.
Daisy is now partly sponsored!  Thank you, Kimberly Miles, for stepping up for our lovely Daisy!

 Please contact Casey if you would be interested in sponsoring any of the un-sponsored horses at The Golden Carrot.