In Loving Memory of Trifle

35 years old
Shetland Pony
Passed away December 31, 2000

Trifle was approximately 35 when she died on the last day of 2000.  We know little of her history – she seemed tired and depressed when she came to us.  She was dainty and perfectly proportioned, and strong beyond her size.  But she didn’t make friends in the herd, preferring to wait until little kids came to ride for companionship.  In her last years, she lived with her two pygmy goats, Minnie Pearl and Billy Bob.  Minnie died only a month and a half before Trifle passed – and I think the loss of her friend may have caused her to give up.  She had foundered a year earlier but we’d been able to keep it barely controlled – the loss of Minnie was the last straw.  They are buried next to each other, and I like to think they’re grazing in heaven side by side.  

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