JC name Weekend Rebel

23 year old chestnut OTTB gelding

Rebel comes to us from Polo Pony Rescue.  In a change from her usual practice, Cathy accepted Rebel "sight unseen", depending on the honesty of his owners as to his condition.  Ah, these young rescues...  People lie all the time in their efforts to dump their horses in a way that makes them look good.  At any rate, this is one way TGC can help those rescues who take on the horrendous chore of adopting horses back out to the public - when a horse is not adoptable, they fit our mission, and we in this way free up a stall for PPR to take in another that they CAN place.

Cathy did all that she could, but Rebel has had some kind of injury to his hocks, one is capped, and he will never be rideable or in any real way "useful" as humanity requires.   He is an off track thoroughbred, and did a stint as a polo pony, two stressful and physically demanding sports which took a terrible toll on him.  

So Rebel is with us now, and hopefully we can give him some good restful comfortable years.  He needs fairly frequent medication/supplementation for arthritic pain, but otherwise just needs the usual groceries and the time with his herd.  He came in with Jules, and is quite attached to her (Cathy told us he was a ladies' man, and that seems to be the case here was well).

Rebel has one part sponsor, can you join with the Northrup family to help him?

 Goodbye to Rebel, Passed 5/20/19