15 year old OTTB Darkbrown Gelding

Arrived TGC 10/6/15

Passed away October 4, 2022


I was contacted by a San Bernardino Animal Services Investigator,  to find a home for this gelding. I was told he was 24. He was part of a seizure, and there is legal action pending so they can't provide me with the pictures of him when he was seized 6 weeks ago. He was a body score of 1.5 when seized.  The mare seized with him was so bad the shelter vet decided to euthanize her.   These pictures show how far he has to go...


It's brutal when you know that this well bred horse is actually only 15 years old, raced 56 times, earning $64,000 in his career.  He is a true racing warrior. While his earnings aren't spectacular, they should have paid for every expense of his entire lifetime. And he raced largely in Nebraska - so I'm thinking the purses weren't that huge....  How did he end up here?  He has a slight pop in his right knee, and some little thing in his stride behind, but moves beautifully despite that. 


I was thrilled to find that Beppe is a Seattle Slew grandson (I have a weakness for these guys).  


Beppe has about 200 pounds to gain, and a gutful of sand to clear, so his future is a little dicey.   Hopefully, we can do our best for him and that will be enough. I normally don't like to take horses so young,  but dang.  He needs our help, agree? He needs sponsors.  Can you join with part-sponsor Suzanne B to help him? Can you help him get the groceries and care he needs?