30 year old Missouri Foxtrotter Mare, dapple gray grayed to white

"Zane's Silver Belle C"

Foaled 1987 - Arrived at TGC Foster 5/20/16


In December of 2015, The Golden Carrot lost a dear friend and supporter, Jane Crase, who had sponsored Star and then added Leo.  Jane passed away from injuries she had incurred in a riding accident - just the way she might have chosen to go, I suspect.   

It's taken a lot of months, but I was contacted and asked to take in Jane's mare, JB (short for her nickname of JellyBelly), who Jane raised from a foal.  JB is 30 now, a Missouri Foxtrotter, ex show horse and probably everything else.  Of course there was no way I would say no, but when I was approached, we didn't have room and I made a deal with our board member and friend, Sue Friley, for her to take JB until we could accommodate her.  

Jane's friend Hope wrote this about JB: 

JB is her pet name short for Jellybelly.. Lol Her Reg name I can't remember, I think it's .. Zanes Silverbelle. JB is a Reg Mo. Fox Trotter and was foaled in 1986 or 87? .. I trained and showed this mare on and off for several years for Jane, her one
and only owner .. She was fun to show and together we won several awards and year end Championships.. As a young filly we won halter classes and even as a mature mare did some winning in halter. As a performance horse she and I won several 2 gait classes here in California and then a few years later in 2 and 3 gait classes which includes a canter .. We also completed several long distance competitive trail rides together and won a few and placed in all of the rides we went on. . It was wonderful and fun achievement as the Fox Trotters as a breed
were not well known at this time. She was a fabulous and smooth ride
.. This mare loves people and gets along great with others and truly
deserves a long and cared full life . .. I remember her with fondness

JB arrived tired, but kind, and was an immediate hit with Sue's other mare, Angel, and with Rusty.  She gently touched noses with ancient Nester the donkey, and settled right in.  Sue is in love - she keeps saying her husband is smitten, but ... I think SHE is.  I visited JB a couple of days later, and she clearly had the run of the place and knew to hustle over for a carrot.... I think this will be a good setting for her, as facing a herd as large as TGCs might have been a lot for her to deal with.  Don't think for a minute that she isn't missing Jane, and her stallmate Vinnie, and her old life.  But I think she'll settle in and happily accept Sue's love. 

JB doesn't have any sponsors.  Can anyone consider a small monthly donation to help support this elderly Cushings mare?  She could use your help!