17.2 hh Chestnut Gelding Selle Francais

Arrived TGC 7-21-16

Passed away 7-10-23



This young man has had some misfortunes. A really bad rear suspensory ligament tear, and a diagnosis of DSLD at his age, has ended his promising jumping career.  He's huge; he's damaged although it's possible with a few months of rehab that he might be rideable at least on trails, or light dressage.


Most folks don't want a horse they have to nurse back to health, particularly if the outcome is questionable. And a big healthy boy like this would get the attention of the kill buyer if he was unlucky enough to end up drugged up at auction.  We offer responsible owners such as his an alternative and dealing directly with the owners saves Bo  the terrors and risks of auction, additional transport and quarantine costs, and the rescue gets lots of information on his training and condition. These things save Bo from distress; saves money; and avoids putting much needed $$ in the hands of the unscrupulous slaughter pipeline operatives.

The photos above were provided by his former owner, and I hope to have pics of him on his arrival soon.   Bo's former owner is providing a part sponsorship - can someone join with her to help this giant boy to recover as fully as he can?

 Four white feet - my favorite ever since my first horse, Bobby Sox.

So, just for the record. This boy's registered name is Odessey. He was shown under the name Odyssey.  His former owner called him Beau.  But we have a much loved memory of our Beau (big chestnut OTTB) and the computer won't let me have two pages with the same name, so we're gonna call him "Bo" - he won't know how we're spelling it, it picks up the "o" of his actual registered name, and "bo" reminds me of my first love, Bobby Sox, also with four white feet, who inspired me to do this work! 

This was Bo on his first day here

Bo is here on the left, developing a boycrush on new arrival Bear, a few months after his arrival.