Sherwood Park (“Woodie”)

OTTB Bay Gelding
Foaled 4/7/2002
Arrived TGC 1/30/17



This sweet boy raced in Southern California (Santa Anita and Hollywood park), with total earnings of $135,600, and jockeys like Victor Espinoza and Patrick Valenzuela.

His racing history and Pedigree will be posted soon. (figuring out how to change a .pdf file to a .jpg the site will accept.)  His mom and dad were both imports - dad from Canada, and mom from Ireland!


Woodie came to The Golden Carrot from Under the Angel’s Wings, a small rescue in Phelan, CA, who purchased him in October of 2009 from a low end auction where he’d been bought by a feed lot/slaughter dealer. UAWR had him evaluated and adopted him to a new home in 2011 for light riding, but eventually he was returned for bucking under saddle, and upon return, was found to be “much less sound”.


X-rays were performed, showing chips in his knee, now adhered to the bone, causing ‘bone spurs’ in several locations in the joint. Injections didn’t help. UAWR’s vet made changes to the angles of his hoofs, to accommodate the knee’s reduced function. In addition, on the same leg, Woodie has some mild ringbone.

Ok, quick update after Dr. Z saw Woodie on 2/3/17. First, the ringbone is negligible. Second, the knee looks ok - the chips have adhered and don't seem to cause difficulties. However, Woodie has a grade 3 club foot on the right, and work needs to be done  as he has a long toe, which Dr. Z feels is causing strain on the tendon. This is good news by my lights, as we have a terrific farrier and I feel this may be fixable. Something to always maintain properly, but possibly fixable. We will see....


At 15, so sadly, it may be that his “useful” life is over. The track caused yet another injury, and rather than deal (a surgery to remove those chips? layup and proper farrier care?), he was thrown away to die at slaughter. He more than earned his own keep all of those racing years, but was discarded at 7.  Luckily, UAWR was able to retrieve him.


TGC will of course have our veterinarian assess him, but we’re assuming he’ll be with us to the end of his days, just being a horse. So far (day 2) he’s doing very well, trotting around and looking quite happy. Hopefully he can remain at least pasture sound!

Woodie needs sponsorship!  If you can help, in any committed amount, please visit our Donate/Sponsor page to set up a monthly amount for this little sweetie! Hasn't he earned it?