Possible Tennessee Walking Horse mare, black

Foaled approximately 1989

 Arrived TGC 9/16/17

A facebook post showing a sad, defeated mare in a Chatsworth CA shelter grabbed my heart.  She was supposed to be 20. Called a TB/QH cross.  With great patience, my shelter expert Courtney at Under the Angel's Wings Rescue got busy, and finally was able to organize pulling this mare.  The idea was, if she was younger, sound, Courtney would rehab and rehome her. If she was old, and/or lame, she would stay with us.  

After our vet and equine chiro and farrier saw her, we find she is more like 28-30; she has had some sort of wreck in the past which resulted in low back problems, and her toes were long.  But she is a DOLL to handle, friendly and calm, and equally adorable in her efforts to make friends.

Let's look at these last two pictures and give great credit to the Chatsworth shelter, which had Sassy for abouat 2.5 months.  They really put good weight on her, didn't they?   Our vet tells me she has sounds in her lungs to indicate she has recently suffered from a lung infection, maybe even pneumonia, which might explain how she lost all that weight.  Everything about her tells us that she was much loved in her past, and maybe her owner fell on hard times, and surrendered her to the shelter, because she couldn't afford a proper shelter, or vet visit, in a last ditch effort to help her.  Sassy survived, and now, she's doing her best to settle in here at TGC.  The mares haven't been real welcoming, but it looks like Thunder is interested....

 Folks, we really need some support for Sassy.  Thunder came without support, and we are working with a therapy riding organization who wants to send two of their 'ex-employees' here, but also without any support.  Yeah, I have my own opinions about that but ... my feeling is, you and I can do better than owners who just want to be out from under the obligation.  We know the owner's behavior is not the horse's fault.  Sassy needs us, as will these other horses, as does Thunder. I always try to get donations from the owners, but it's just a fact - owners rarely donate.  Can any of you consider Thunder, Sassy, or any of our other unsponsored or part sponsored horses, for a small monthly donation, that's tax deductible?