20+ Thoroughbred Gelding, Gray

Arrived TGC 11/2017

Passed away October 4, 2022


Here's Blue.  Blue is a huge Thoroughbred, whose history includes a jumping career. When he blew out his right front knee, his owners were planning to euthanize him. A young woman with no real funds or plan "rescued" him, and then walked away. The woman who owned the facility where he was boarded reached out, and brought Blue here for a chance at a retirement life.   I'm grateful to say that a lot of folks stepped up with some one-time money to cover his expenses for quite a few months.  


Blue has that bum knee, but also a tender right stifle, and significant stocking up in both hind legs.  Movement will help that somewhat, as will medication. 


He was just glorious when encountering our herd for the first time after a 3 hour trailer ride.  And it so happened he arrived when our equine chiro people were here, so we were able to give him some immediate treatment.  And the next morning, after a good rest and some pain meds, he was a new horse! 



Blue will never be rideable - between his knee and his age, he couldn't hold up for more than little kids on leadline.  But he's done a lot in his lifetime - you can tell he's a been there and done that guy.  Ha, however, we did ALREADY give him a new experience - he was HORRIFIED when he realized there's a PIG here!  And he was fascinated by the donkeys, to Ashley's dismay.  So, whatever he's done, I don't think farm animals have been part of it...


 Happy to report that Blue has attracted our darling Princesa!  Maybe she's found the protector she always wanted....

Blue has a couple of sponsors, Thank you Renee R, but could use more.  Can you help?  Check our our Donate/sponsor a Horse page on this website for ways to do that!