Chestnut Arabian Gelding

Foaled approximately 1992

Arrived TGC 2/4/18

Passed away 8-12-2020


Monopoly has been working as a therapy horse at Dreamcatchers in Long Beach CA.  After the vet exam here, I'm pretty surprised he worked a long as he did. He has uveitis (limited vision); two clubbed front feet; a heart murmur, and his teeth were terrible, partly from what looks like 26 years of cribbing (no upper incisors at all and overgrown lower incisors) and partly from what might have been a traumatic event in his past, making his left side lower molars tilt INWARD into his mouth.  Considering this he's in fairly good weight, but after the vet's work, we hope to see some improvement there too.

He doesn't have the typical Arabian body - being long-backed - and has NO dish at all in his face. But otherwise, between the devil ears is the strong personality and friendliness of the Arabian horse...

Here he is, minutes at a new place, making friends with a total stranger...

Dish? What Dish? Who needs a Dish?


Like the Therapy Center in Bakersfield that dropped Charlie Tuck and Beezelee here, Dreamcatchers provides no support for Monopoly, but a rider in their program appreciates all he did for her, and is stepping up for him (Thanks Pam!). That doesn't mean he doesn't need more support - so if you're interested in sponsoring, or part sponsoring Monopoly, please feel free.  Our Donate/Sponsor A Horse page should give you all the info you need...