30+ Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Arrived TGC around April 2018




RJ came to me from a private party, who had realized his age and prior conditions made him unsuitable for riding, or really any other work.   My vet confirms RJ is well into his 30s, and missing a LOT of his grinding teeth, making him a real hard keeper.


We were also told that someone had speculated that he'd been shot in the face, causing problems in his right sinus.  The private party told me there were xrays taken, and promised and promised to get them for us, but as it usually happens, no x-rays.  It might have helped our vet a little, but realistically, either a bullet or bone fragment is causing some wierd breathing, that doesn't seem to bother him at all. No discharge, no sign of infection.  For safety's sake, we put him on a course of antibios for 10 days, and breathing sounds seemed to lessen a little, but otherwise no change. 

He's a delicate built thoroughbred (by the private party's judgment, my vet concurs, and I can see it too), no tattoo, but lots of good training on board. A little timid, but the doc indicates that could be due to dimming eyesight too.


The big thing with RJ is two fold.  First, he came in around the same time as Maggie, and fell madly in love with her, despite her making it absolutely clear she has no use for him, she's in love with Woodie.  Awwww, RJ, unrequited love is a real bummer!  And this problem is compounded by Renee falling for HIM! He has no understanding of what that's all about.  Befuddled seems to describe him!


The second part of his thing is - lots and lots of pelleted feed.  He will 'pretend' to eat the grass hay, but with all those molars missing, it's just not gonna do it for him.  So he's one of the 8 horses that I get up early to give a morning pellet bucket to, so he doesnt spend the day with an empty tummy.   


RJ has no sponsorship, at all.  And he's a quiet guy, never asking for attention.  Can someone step up for this sweet old dude, to help keep him in decent form? He doesn't ask a lot.