30+ year old Gray Arabian pony

Arrived TGC April 2018


Manny is an ancient Arabian pony with what appears to be a million miles on him. He's missing quite a few of his grinding teeth, and really seems to hate actual mush, so I lightly soften his pellets every night .... he leaves only a few. His favorite of course is senior feed, and also A&M. and somehow, like all of them, he manages to eat carrots.... hum....


Manny is highly excitable, but also well trained, so if you remind him, he behaves very well.  He has a really really bad left hip.  So bad that we can't get that leg up to trim that hoof, but somehow, he wears it so evenly and fully that we're not too worried about it ... yet.  He is perfect with the rest of his feet. 

The doc opines that he was a jumping pony at one time, he's got the bump.  On any days he seems stiff or painful, he gets a little pain relief, and seems to do well with that.

As with most of the horses here, the gift of TGC is the ability to interact with other horses.  Manny had lost the love of many years the day before he came here (she was put down due to complications with laminitis).  But I put him next to our sweet Sassy, and he and she became our tiny Ebony-Ivory pair (as opposed so our large E-I pair, Beppe and Tolly).  He's devoted to her, and she to him.  So we've done the best we can for an elderly pony in his final years!

Manny, however, has not yet gotten any interest.  We need a few small, or one or two larger sponsors for him.  I AM working on getting some clippers so I can clean up his tattoo - I've been told that many purebred Arabians were tattooed on the right side of their neck (BLM mustangs tatted on the left) and it's mildly possibly that we can identify him once I do that.  But who cares, really?  He is who he is, a sweet intense little guy, with a great love of the ladies (or at least Sassy), and does his best for his people (me).  Isn't that worth support?