Go Giorgianni Go


Foaled February 21, 2006

Passed away 6/24/17

Bay Thoroughbred Gelding - Off Track

This is the beautiful Gio (pronounced like Zho, sorta like Joe with a soft J).  This youngster, only 6 years, 3 months old when he arrived at TGC on June 4, 2012, has a badly damaged right front fetlock.  His records show that he raced 28 times in 2010 and 2011, for total earnings of $48,316.

This picture, below, had me screaming, when it's clear that he's already hurt the fetlock, and they STILL RACED HIM ONE MORE TIME! Karin at Neigh Savers wrote:

He raced 28 times and it took 20 times for him to break his maiden.  This is a photo of him after his second to last race.  You can see how he's holding his ankle already and yet the trainer made him race yet one more time on it and then .. tried to pawn him off as sound!!!!!  Makes me so mad at what was done to him.  The owner took all of her horses away from that trainer btw...not actually specifically over this but over the general care of her horses.

I mean, what are the odds that if he'd just been cared for, and given time off, the final damage might not have occurred?  Ugh. However, Neigh Savers saved him with some help from his former owners, and cared for him thru the acute phase of the injury, as well as providing medications for me to continue his care.  So far, the uneven terrain, after his 15 hour trailer ride here, has caused him a fair amount of pain and lameness, but he's getting the routine down, and learning the ropes.

I'm very grateful to Karin at Neigh Savers for helping this sweet boy, and for her generosity to me. She has provided medications for Gio as well as complete histories, Jocky Club certs, AND x-rays on both Gio and his friend Jedi.  So many people promise to send me medical information on the horses they send here, and that's the last I hear.  In addition, Karin has promised some financial support, and notified Gio's former owner/breeder of his transition to TGC, and requested that any future help for him be sent our way!  I cannot tell you how rare that is... Thanks K, and Neigh Savers (www.neighsavers.org) for all you do!

His friend Jedi has been his buddy and caretaker since their arrival.  Gio is very calm and self-possessed, but with his injury, having a friend to watch his back in our herd has been great. 

I know they both look great here - thanks to Neigh Savers' good care and their youth - but it makes watching them gimp around like my oldsters even more painful.

I would love to have someone sponsor Gio, even partially.  His former owner has sent some financial assistance, but is also supporting a half dozen of her now-retired mares. We, and Gio, need us in his corner - because his efforts on behalf of his humans has cost him the strength and health he should have enjoyed for many more years. 

Gio has a part sponsor - Ann McCurdy - as of March 2014. But he is a big boy with needs (shoes, medications) and we could use more help for him. Would you consider joining Ann in part-sponsoring Gio?  if so, please contact Casey...