("Peppy's Willow Park, AQHA # 2713517)
15.2 hh Chestnut Quarterhorse gelding
Foaled April 11, 1988

This is Jasper.  Twice the age of the other two Castaic rescues, he was the one I originally offered to take, just on his age.  He's also supposed to have navicular. It could be just the pisspoorest shoeing I've ever seen. Shoes waaay too small, super long toe, long heels undergrown - ugh.  We're working on that now, with bar shoes and first trim already done.  He also has a little skin something - may be healing - but this dude has been there and done that. 

The shelter employee told our hauler, Christine, that she had Red's papers.  She did send those papers, and his name is Pepe's Willow Park.  Wierd name.  I wanted a Golden Carrot barn name, so I made a request for name suggestions, asking for at least a $10 donation with each suggestion.  And now, this sweet guy is Jasper! 

Jasper loves to pose, has amazing poise in the face of my herd, and has wonderful manners.  You can see the many miles of his life in his every move.  I was able to post a little video on The Golden Carrot Facebook page that showed him in the paddock his first day.  Even when Cassidy went to meet him, and mock-threatend him, he stood his ground.  "Aw, come on girl, don't be that way!" And Cass let it go.  Sarge didn't see the need to intervene.   EXCELLENT manners, with horse ... and man...

I told Jasper that we are pissed at his ill-fortune. I told him we are behind him all the way.  Do you think you might be a sponsor for Jasper?  Contact me at cocarrot@earthlink.net or just go to our Donate/Sponsor page and set up a donation, monthly or otherwise, that you can commit to - and I'll be thrilled to let him know you're in his corner!

I am so happy to report that Jasper has a full sponsor now. Thank you, Cindy M. for helping Jasper have some golden years!