Dark Bay/Brown Gleding, Foaled 5/26/94
approx 18 hh
Jordan just turned 19, is a giant off-track Thoroughbred gelding, grandson of Seattle Slew. Jordan has had a busy life.  He only raced once, but frankly, it's hard to imagine he'd run well when he was considered "two years old" when he was only 1 year, 7 months - with his adult size, he couldn't have been anything like fully grown when he was first raced. 
Jordan did some school-horse work, and has good training. But he has bad knees and a fair amount of arthritis.  He has a gentle personality, and is NOT aggressive at all - he's more likely to hurt you running away from other horses who come too close. He had a bout with cellulitis just before coming here, in his left knee.  He's like me - just old!
The big boy needs some sponsors!  He is HUGE and needs LOTS of feed every day to maintain a healthy weight. And with his arthritis, he'll need even more, and blanketing and every other thing I can think of to provide comfort when the weather gets cold.   I'm keeping meds to a minimum at this time, as he adjusts and as I establish a baseline on his physical status, but he is on a maintenance dose of Previcox, and I'm sure it would be a mistake to back off on that. 
I'm so happy to report that John and Nanc Baumann have become part sponsors for our big boy!  Can you join them to help Jordan live some golden years?