Keller (aka Kelleric)

Foaled approximately 1996
16.1 hh Thoroughbred gelding, Dark Bay

Keller came to TGC from Heavenly Horse Haven, who took him with other horses from Animal Services of Riverside, who had seized him from an abusive home.  Gina at HHH only had him about 30 days. Animal Services had had him for a year after seizure.


Gina indicated this was Keller when her organization took him at the request of Animal Control. Ribs and spine showing, rain rot, and feet so tender that for a month, Gina claimed he couldn't be trimmed, and she had him in cotton booties. Despite that, she claimed to have ridden him.  I'm working on reading his tattoo and trying to properly identify him.  (Gina thinks he's "Kelleric" but unable to tell me why she thinks this is his name. She saw this name on the Jockey Club database, but can't recall the age of the subject horse, and didn't check markings.  It's a useless identification.)

When he came to The Golden Carrot, he looked like this.  And I'm working on getting pictures as of today, November 2010 so you can see how beautiful this boy is now. 

In November of 2010, I got on this boy for a brief experiment.  He is so green, I was double Irish when I got off!  Completely dead to leg cues, but calm as can be with a rider.  Reminds me of Star.   Oy, just what I need, another sound gorgeous young-ish TB who needs some training and miles…. 


Can you even believe he ever looked this bad? Animal Control contacted me in May of 2011 to get current pics of the boy as they needed comparison shots for this in Court.  They were successful in their prosecution - his former owners are barred from owning horses for 3 years and have had to pay many thousands in fines (Interestingly Animal Services was awarded over $50,000 in fines for seizing and holding Keller for one year). 





New information developed has indicated that in fact Kelleric IS his name, he is 21 years old this year, and raced 20 times, winning 10 of his races! Interestingly, and perhaps explaining why he is still sound, Keller wasn't raced until he was four years old - VERY unusual in today's racing world.  I had some tentative plans to get more under-saddle training on Keller, but since he's at least 5 years older than we thought, and so very attached to/Protective of Pepe Grillo, I'll let him live on here 'as is'.  I think he's earned his golden years!


Keller is sponsored by Marilyn Braly and as of 12-8-13, Patricia Millner has sponsored him in honor of her mother, Sibyl Reese Millner!

Patricia wrote:

This is in memory of my Mother Sibyl Reese Millnerwho loved horses  and dogs. I chose Keller because I worked with and owned thoroughbred race  horses for many years and Mother loved to help groom, come  out to watch the horses train and occasionally ride with me


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