Foaled 1984 (approx.)
17 hand Black Bay Thoroughbred gelding 

Arrived 2001; Passed away 3-11-15

Here’s Navigator with his bud Beau and new flame Shawnee August 2010 

Navigator has bonded with Beau, and occasionally shows interest in Shawnee.  I have worked with him several times, but he simply comes unglued on the trail.  In the arena, he’s a machine, so – Navigator is the arena horse!
Navigator came to The Golden Carrot because of an injury to his left suspensory ligament, which has responded well to rest.  He’s a very excitable horse, and has had some difficulty adjusting to the freedom and herd lifestyle, but has become more acclimated with time.   Navigator plays with most of the geldings, and is adept at removing everyone’s fly masks!  His ground manners are good, but with returning health  comes high spirits  which will soon need to be worked down.  I took him on one very short trail ride during which he twitched and started at every sound.  But he never ran away with me, and obeyed my signals despite his obvious desire to do otherwise.  He is a difficult keeper as he eats a lot to just maintain weight, and has to wear shoes.  His sponsor, Danielle Reel, has been faithful for several years, but if anyone has an interest in helping out with his care and keeping, I know Dani and I would both be grateful. 

Navi used to have a “orange” body haircoat as you can see in this pic, but supplements helped a lot as the top picture shows.

The regal Navigator is part sponsored by Dani Reel.

If you might want to help sponsor this big guy, or any other horse at TGC, please contact Casey!


Goodbye to Navigator.