Foaled 1986
Appaloosa Mare

Passed away March 1, 2015

Peanut in August 2010

Peanut was owned by Jody Runstadler: this is her plea for a home for Peanut:

In 1999 I purchased what I thought would be my dream horse from what turned out to be a not too honest horse rancher in Norco CA.  I’d had horses throughout my childhood and at 41 I’d finally managed to purchase a ranch with stables and room for a horse.   So, like so many others I let my enthusiasm get the best of me.  I found just the horse I had always wanted (via the internet) a beautiful black Appaloosa mare with a white peacock spotted blanket across her butt.  She was said to safe, sound and just what I needed for the trail riding I’d planned to do.  I hopped in my truck and drove the 600+ miles from Northern California down to Norco with a friend to take a look.  It was love at first site.  Shame on me. I purchased her without a vet check.  Off we drove, from the sandy, relatively flat terrain of Southern California into Tevis Cup territory.  In case you aren’t familiar with that, I live on a mountain divide between the north and middle forks of the American River about 50 miles northeast of Sacramento.
Well it turns out my new horse had ringbone (aka degenerative arthritis).  Most likely developed during her years as a barrel racer and Gymkhana competitor. I understand she also was a big parade participant in that area.  Basically her left hind ankle had fused itself together.  Thus she was sound when I purchased her.  And most likely would have remained so had she been left on flat sandy ground.  Six months after I began trail riding up and down the rocky canyons that natural fusion was broken leaving her completely lame.  I’ve since had her checked by the veterinarians from UC Davis who confirmed given her age (15 then – 20 this year) and value (paid only $2500.00 for her) it wouldn’t be practical or cost effective to attempt surgery. Effectively they told me that I could a) put her down, b) continue to ride her if I was willing to fill her with bute every day or c) limit her carrying capacity (to less than 100 pounds) and terrain (flat ground only).  Since none of the riders in my household is less than 100 pounds and the nearest flat area is about 50 miles away.. she has become simply a pasture pet over the last 5 years.  As you might imagine being lame keeps her low mare in my herd of 4 so she is always being picked on by the others.  Which brings me to the reason I’m writing this email today.  To insure her continued health I really need to find her a new home.  She is beautiful, friendly and healthy (I groom her weekly, have her feet trimmed regularly, keep her up to date on vacinations and wormings) albeit lame… but she needs a flatter, warmer place to live where she can be of some use.  I believe she has many years left in her and I’d love to see her in one of those programs where she could interact with children.  She’d be great as one of those horses that people groom, saddle up, place a kid on and lead around.  Can you help?

Peanut came to the Golden Carrot in June of 2006, and had been a lonely girl – she loves hanging on the edge of the herd but had made no friends until September, when she adopted Topper .  One day, she simply moved to the stall next to Topper, which had been Shine’s, and oddly enough, that same day Shine went to the stall which had been Peanut’s -as though she told him to! Since then, Peanut joined up with Anna, who then passed in August of 2008, and Dion, who continues to cling to her possesively. 


Peanut is a loving mare – loves to cuddle and be groomed. 

Dear Peanut. She lost her friend Topper when Daphmar came – how many of us lost girlfriends to a new boyfriend?  Dang.  Lucifer wants to be her man, but he simply can’t keep up with her, so Peanut stands alone ……  I hope that time will bring a friend for her, and for Luc, as I hate to see them lonely.

Time passed, and Peanut was adopted by Anna, and her swain Dion.  The three were very happy, until August of 2009 when Anna passed away.  Dion is still attached to Peanut, who could care less!  I’ve been able to use Peanut several times for girl scout visits, and she did great, so eventually, I took a couple of short trail rides on her, and those trips were also fine.  We plan to take Peanut and Dion on some rides once we get Dion more relaxed undersaddle.

Peanut in December 2009

Pictures taken by DeeAnn Bradley. She is beautiful!

This is Peanut 5-30-2010

In 2013 we lost Dion, but Smokey has stepped into the "Peanut protector" role, and once Ashley joined us, another small herd was in place. Smokey watches over his ladies Ashlely and Peanut, and then just a few months ago, little red Cinnamon joined us, and began to watch over all three of them! (Smokey jealously protects his status as the REAL protector of Pnut and Ashley).


Peanut is sponsored! Thank you, Nancy Waite-Obrien, for stepping up for this wonderful mare.  Please contact Casey if you would be interested in sponsoring any of the other partially sponsored or un-sponsored horses at The Golden Carrot.