?? years old
14 hand White Appaloosa Mare

Queenie is a little Appy pony who was abandoned, either at  Norco feed store, or the Norco Animal Shelter, and left to her fate. The Norco Animal Shelter had her for a year or two, but as she is a senior animal, had trouble placing her.
Queenie seems to think that even the tiniest touch on her nose is a cue to rear.  I don’t get a frightened or angry hit off it – I swear I think someone trained her to do it.  I can’t get a look at her teeth, and suspect they couldn’t at the animal shelter either.  So, the first order of business with Queenie is to get her to accept a touch on her nose; then we’ll work on moving her lips so I can see her teeth.  I’ll update this site with a better idea of her age when that happens.  However, she is VERY willing to take a treat off your hand – the touch has to be hers apparently – and eats with a hearty appetite. She appears to be completely sound – what a waste of a good pony! Right now, although she and Happy are friends having come from the same facility, she is definitely in Ronan’s eye – and they DO make a cute couple.

Queenie and Happy came together, and were friends, but then ....................................
Queenie met JEEPERS! The two are now inseparable - good thing too since Happy was estatic when Star came, abandoning all interest in Queenie. 

This is Queenie in December of 2009, picture taken by DeeAnn Bradley. 
Queenie is sponsored by the Larson Family. Thank you Wendi for your kindness to this old lady. 
Wouldn’t you please consider helping with her sponsorship? Or donating to another old horse at TGC?   Please contact Casey if you’re interested.