Foaled 1994 (approx.)
15.1 Quarterhorse
Sorrel Gelding w/ Hip brand

Chief (left) came in a week before Thanksgiving 2010, a 16ish year old QH gelding, who, as far as I can tell, is perfectly healthy, just a little jumpy sometimes. He gives me the impression he was once a well trained guy, but had some experiences which make him a tad headshy, nervous about his ears, and quick to “start” when something unexpected happens. However, he is very smart, a very easy keeper, and a great size (not too tall, not too short, jussst right!). I was contacted by Barrie Young, who owned Chief for one year, having obtained him from a woman who saved him from auction. Barrie’s history of Chief is summarized as follows:

She got him from a woman who had him a week, having got him from auction. Barrie thinks the woman didn’t realize he was a little lame when she bought him. Barrie worked with her vet and farrier to bring his feet into good condition, had her chiropractor adjust him, and removed an odontoma (tooth which grows up from the jaw, and out the ear). She worked with him for almost a year, rode him about 10 times with no problems, but he was antsy and jumpy on the ground so most of her work was gentling him there. About 2 months ago, money got too tight and she was no longer able to afford either Chief or her other horse. Her other horse went to a friend who had owned him prior to Barrie. She found a home for Chief with another woman, who after 1 month stated that Barrie had to take him back, or she would euthanize him. That woman was not experienced with horses, but I don’t excuse her for that. She made no effort to place Chief, or get the vet out for him other than a vet check, or get a trainer to work with his jumpyness. Just insisted the woman who couldn’t afford him one month ago take him back, or she would kill him. Barrie did some quick work, found me, and Chief ended up here at TGC as, with his training and mystery gait issues, he wasn’t easily placed.

Barrie has already come to volunteer, helping me fix stalls, and brought other volunteers on several occasions in only one month; she donated a lot of horse-y “stuff”, and she made our new website for us at absolutely no cost to us whatsoever. In fact it will actually be cheaper for me in the long run, since this new website is much cheaper than what I was using before.  An owner who is really stepping up for her old horse, even though her finances were too strapped to support him.

Cha Cha was COMPLETELY enamored with Chief! She chased him everywhere, but he didn't really pay any attention to her!  Since she passed, Chief stands alone, unless he decides to play bite my face with one of our young turks (Laddie, Jedi, Dominic).

Chief is not sponsored.

Please contact Casey if you would be interested in sponsoring any of the un-sponsored horses at The Golden Carrot.