Approximate foaling in 1985
14.3 hh Sorrel Quarterhorse Gelding 


I was contacted by fellow rescuer Polo Pony Rescue about Cinnamon, an oldster whose people no longer wanted to care for him. They suggested euthanizing him, but Cathy saw too much life in this old boy, and we are glad she did.  She contacted us and we took him (no support whatsoever from the former owners).  Trish at Forgotten Horses brought him to us. 


In his wellness check, Dr. Zadick advised that Cinnamon suffers from extreme light sensitivity, probably chronic uveitis.  So he wears a fly mask almost all the time.  His knees are a little swollen, but we're working on that, they do flex well.  He has thrush, and is about 75 pounds underweight as his teeth were horrible. We've fixed that and he's eating well now.   Dawn Fletcher noted that he had problems in his TMJ, and his low back, and worked on those for him.


Now, a little time to get used to things and figure out the routine!  He's VERY interested in joining Smokey, Ashley and Peanut .... but until Smokey settles to that, he also has spent time wooing Shawnee and Star! (both mares quite a bit taller than our little Napoleon!)

Dear Cinny is sponsored!  thank you so much Lynette Baird, and the Northrup family for stepping up for our little man.